Makonde Photography

A selection of these photographs will be displayed as part of the 2008 Salisbury Arts Festival, which this year has an African theme. The exhibition will run from 23rd May until the 8th June at the Fisherton Mill Gallery in Salisbury.


A collection of photographs from Southern Tanzania, by UK based photographer Lawrence Coleman.

All of these images date from 1998-2008 and were taken in Mikindani, a small coastal town in Mtwara region. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the World and Mtwara is one of its most impoverished regions, the vast majority of the local community rely heavily on subsistence agriculture and the fishing industry to survive. In spite of the challenges of daily life the people of Mikindani display a captivating vibrancy, warmth and sense of humour that has provided the inspiration behind these images.

All proceeds from the sale of photos from this site will be donated to a Mikindani-based charity of the buyer's choice.
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